where & how to start your fitness journey!

So you’re totally new to fitness? Been pondering on how and where to get started on the journey to the new and healthy you?

I understand that it may seem daunting & like there are too many things to consider, but do not fret – take your time & have a look at the tips I’ve put together for you below!

  • Set a date & stick to it

Setting a strict starting date is the way to get on track and avoid procrastinating. Set it in the near future, like next week, not a few weeks or months time.

Let your family, friends, lovers, colleagues and cat down the road know that you’re starting your new lifestyle form next Monday (for example). Post it on social media. This way you’ll have all the people around you to keep you accountable for making these changes and you will not want to give up so easily.

  •  Find a workout buddy

Another way to get that extra motivation on days you’re not feeling up for it. Pair up wit a friend (or a group of friends or work colleagues) and workout together. Share healthy meals, recipes, your ups & downs of the journey. Create a social network and make getting healthy fun.

  • Find a workout space

Where are you going to work out? Have you got a nice gym near home or work? Or do you have decent space available to workout at home?

If you’ve chosen a gym, make sure you’ve done a tour of it, before you sign up, to see they have appropriate space and equipment for what you want to do. Also, familiarising yourself with the space will help you feel less intimidated, when you turn up for your first workout.

If you’ll be working out at home, designate a clear space in your living room, bedroom, etc. Keep it clear of any clutter and junk that could get in the way of you doing your exercises. Also, keep a workout mat and any equipment you’re intending to use readily available.

  • Plan your workouts

Be realistic on how much time you have available and which days of the week work best for you.

Are you an early riser? Why not wake up 30min earlier and smash out a workout before work!
Can’t stand mornings? Squeeze in an intense workout during lunchtime or exercise in the evening after work.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you workout. Whatever works best for you, is the best time!

After you’ve decided that, for instance, you’ll be working out 4x per week (on Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri for example) put it in your calendar! Make sure you don’t leave that slot free to book anything else.
This is your time to look after yourself & show your body some love. Don’t presume that meeting up with a friend for a drink is more important, schedule socialising around your workouts.
If you booked a doctors appointment, would you sack it off to go for a drink? Or would you honour it to look after yourself? Treat your workouts the same.

  • Prepare your meals

Planning your meals is as important (if not even more!) as scheduling your workouts.
You need to fuel your body with healthy, nourishing foods to see the results you’re after.
There’s nothing worse than smashing out a tough workout and then having a McDonald’s – it’s basically wasting the workout.
You need quality foods to refuel your body, keep it healthy, activate your metabolism, help your muscles recover & build, and burn fat efficiently.

Prepare your meals at home, over the weekend, for the next week ahead. At least that way you’re controlling what goes in your food and avoid all the obscure nasties that hide in takeaway and microwave meals, and hinder your progress.

  • Get some new gear

This is not a necessity, but you might find it more motivating to get going if you invest in some gorgeous, beautifully fitting workout clothes and shiny new trainers. You’ll feel bad leaving them on ‘the bench’ after you’ve spent some of your hard-earned cash on them.

  • Find what works for you

Although, weight and resistance training is the best thing you can do for your body (wink, wink) … find what you enjoy!

You might do a class of Body Pump and hate it! BUT don’t let that put you off exercise. Try something else, like – boxing, HIIT, pilates, yoga, crossfit, spin. There are so many different kinds of workouts to choose from. Also, do give things a second chance – if you didn’t fancy a workout after the first time, you might start loving it after the next time you give it a try!

Find what fits you, your lifestyle and what makes you feel great! Also, it can be good to mix things up from time to time, so you don’t get bored.

Consider getting a personal trainer to design a personalised workout programme for you, to help you achieve results quicker and ensure your workout technique is efficient and safe. You will also get to learn how and why certain workouts, foods and lifestyle changes can get you to where you want to be. & it will help you get more motivated too!

The important thing is that you get started!

If you don’t start now, then when?’ 😉

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